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Marketing is broken

Marketing is the make or break of any business. At its core marketing is about the fit between a company and its target customers. However, as we struggle to come to terms with the digital world we live in, many have lost sight of this simple premise of business.

When meeting with a senior member of a major London-based social media marketing agency, she openly admitted "most of our campaigns don't work." In my eyes, this is not good enough.

I look at marketing differently. Business and marketing are topics that I am madly passionate about and dedicated to, and to which I've dedicated my studies and my work. I take a holistic approach to delivering a marketing strategy which is focused on solutions and goals that your organisation has. This means...

  • I get to know your business inside and out - your purpose, your vision, your culture. Where it is you want to be, and why you're not yet there.
  • Read the market and competitors proactively - where things are moving and where the opportunities lie.
  • Understand people within customer segments like they're my best friends - who they are and what makes them tick.

Understanding these factors allows me to craft and implement a marketing strategy that will work for you, which will include my recommendations for the internal and external workings of your business. Overall, I'll help your business shape itself better to the needs of customers and communicate those benefits effectively.

Does this mean a digital strategy? Absolutely. The marketing landscape has changed, and digital is a priority in most markets. It does, however, mean I won't force a Facebook strategy into your business where it isn't needed. Again, I look for the tools that'll reach your customers, build your brand, and get you sales.

If you're ready to write a new chapter in your business, then let's talk.

My skills include...

  • Marketing strategy and digital strategy
  • Branding
  • Segmentation and positioning strategy
  • Business strategy, innovation, and entrepreneurship
  • Internationalisation strategy
  • Startup strategy and crowdfunding strategy
  • Gamification
  • Communications strategy
  • User-centred design
  • Market research and data analysis
  • Inbound marketing (SEO, PPC, social media, marketing automation, content strategy)

Typically, I will take a holistic approach to your business, applying the elements your business needs to thrive. Whilst I prefer to take a full solution-focused approach, I am also available to cover a specific issue if required.

I work with a trusted team of graphic designers, photographers and video producers where such work is needed.

I can also provide training and workshops on many of the topics above.

I've worked with...

I've been working in marketing for several years, on projects both large and small. Some of those I've worked for include...

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I've studied...

The world of marketing is fast paced. I know that to stay on top of the game, a good marketer needs to be learning continuously. Some of the courses I've undertaken that relate to marketing include...

  • MSc in International Marketing at the University of Sussex.
  • MOOCs in social psychology, gamification, and marketing.
  • Various courses and workshops included regular training on SEO, PR, social media, PPC, ethical brand building, and a course on implementing lean-startup methodology.
  • I am also an avid reader, ranging from academic articles on consumer research to books and blogs by marketing and management gurus.